Impact Prep's Leadership Team


Dr. Declan O'Connor

Executive Principal

Like many Springfield students, I came from humble beginnings and it was dedicated teachers who boosted my confidence and shaped my identity as a lifelong learner. Because of this I am committed to providing students with inspired teaching, by a culturally diverse teaching staff, that will foster our students' continued confidence and growth as learners.

Gabrielle Jackson

Assistant Principal

I am excited to join the Impact Prep team for an amazing year full of fun, community and academic excellence. At Impact, I'm looking forward to learning and growing alongside the community that we serve! I am dedicated to being a mentor to youth in the community.  As an Educator, I encourages students to aspire to great things such as public service in their community and to support those communities with their energy, enthusiasm and special gifts.  Most of my students are at-risk, and teaching them to reach their dreams, instilling confidence in themselves and their ability to make “good trouble” and achieve great things is a top priority. Believing in our students is key to encouraging them to think beyond themselves; to see themselves as valued contributors to their academic and personal goals.”

Frederick Hurst

Assistant Principal

I am a Springfield native and a proud graduate of Springfield Central High School. After acquiring a Bachelors’ degree in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I spent eight years working for an international CPA firm. While I enjoyed expanding my horizons beyond Springfield to the rest of the world, my upbringing virtually guaranteed that one day I would eventually come home to contribute to my community. Once I saw the impact that I could have as an educator of students who reminded me so much of myself and my friends at their age, I knew my purpose. I believe that to prepare students for an ever-changing world it is critical that we help them develop the skills to reason, persevere in problem solving, make arguments and critique the arguments of others. Once equipped with these abilities they will be able to shape their own futures.


Tonika Feliciano

Assistant Principal

I’m Ms. Feliciano, an Assistant Principal at Impact Prep. I was born and raised in Holyoke MA. I graduated from Fitchburg State University. In my spare time, I like to play basketball with my older son and coach his team.

Farrika Turner

Director of Family and Community Engagement

I am so excited to work with all your families. I have lived in Springfield, MA, for most of my life and am very hopeful for our community. I graduated from The Springfield High School of Science and Technology then attended American International College where I received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. After working with families in the community for some time, I returned to school and received a master’s degree in Public Relations. My purpose is to help empower families to be active participants in their children's education, to ask questions and demand the best possible education for their students. I believe that families are the experts on their children and together, we can ensure healthy minds and high academic excellence in our students.