(phased-in approach beginning on APRIL 6th)

Springfield Public Schoolswill begin a hybrid return-to-school on April 6th and all students will be fully in-person on May 10th. You were asked to submit a final decision about whether your student will attend in person classes or continue completely remotely in the spring. Students who opt out of returning in person will no longer be eligible for bussing if they later decide to return in person.  Also, we have posted a video below that explains the health and safety protocols that will be put in place for back-to-school.

 What You Need to Know

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Take the Survey

Teacher Helping Student

Take the Survey

You will not be able to change your mind after you submit this information so please make sure you carefully consider what is best for your student.


March 2

Checking Temperature

Getting Back to School Safely

Watch the video explaining all of the process and prodecdure we will take to keep our students safe while in the building

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Mar 2021

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Return Dates & Session Schedules

set by school commitee

 April 5: 6th Grade (Hybrid) & LLD 

April 26: 7th & 8th Grades

May 10: Fully in-person (no hybrid)